AC trekking – Upper Pisang (3310 m)

These are some pic from Upper Pisang on the way we trekked around AC. This old style village is typical for the Manang area and has a large prayer wheel wall in the centre. Just opposite of the valley is Annapurna II in all its splendour and we have marvellous views on the mountains.

We spent night in a logde whose owner used to business man. He also traveled to Viet Nam. We had a interesting short conversation.

At this elevation, we saw a lot snow and suffered the very cold weather. I began to feel headache and lost sleeping at night. They are the symptoms of high attitude sickness.

Wearing many layers of cloths, rolling in two blankets, I saw the snowing through the glass window in the cold sunset I hadn’t had so far. But it is also great moment in my journey.

IMG_2870 IMG_2854 IMG_2896 IMG_2897 IMG_3053

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