(Cua family)Malaysia Trip for 10 days


Day 1:  Fly to Johor Bahru, night at Town

Moving : flight, foot

Day 2:  Around Johor Bahru ( LegoLand)

Moving : foot, taxi, bus

Day 3 :  Fly to Pennang – Night at George Town

Moving : Flight, Foot

Day 4:  Walking Around George Town – Ferry to Langwaki –Night at Kuah Town

Moving : Foot, Ferry

Day 5:  Cenang Pengtai Beach – Telega Habour Park – Oriental Village – Skybrigde

Moving : Motocycling

Day 6 : Mangrove tour – Eggle Square

Moving : Boat, foot, Moto cycling

Day 7: Langwaki Island around Moto Cycling – Moved to Pennang – Night at George Town

Moving: motorcycling, Ferry

Day 8: Blue mansion – Peranakan mansion – Tropical spice garden ­- Butterfly farm – Kek Lok Si

Moving : Foot, Hop on hop off bus

Day 9: Chew Jetty –  Street Art: – Batu Frrringhi – Penang Hill

Moving : Foot, tricycle, taxi

Day 10 : Relax and fly to Ho Chi Minh city

Moving : Foot, flight

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