AC trekking – Upper Pisang (3310 m)

These are some pic from Upper Pisang on the way we trekked around AC. This old style village is typical for the Manang area and has a large prayer wheel wall in the centre. Just opposite of the valley is Annapurna II in all its splendour and we have marvellous views on the mountains.

We spent night in a logde whose owner used to business man. He also traveled to Viet Nam. We had a interesting short conversation.

At this elevation, we saw a lot snow and suffered the very cold weather. I began to feel headache and lost sleeping at night. They are the symptoms of high attitude sickness.

Wearing many layers of cloths, rolling in two blankets, I saw the snowing through the glass window in the cold sunset I hadn’t had so far. But it is also great moment in my journey.

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Washing at the river


This was taken on the morning I wandered around Old Bagan.

After many shoot of temple, I followed a painting guy to the river. Relaxing on the edge of rock to see the life at the river. I see couple of Myanmar washing their clothes. They looked like that they have a happy life. I took the telezoom-lens and this is the result. Whatever it is, I like this picture as well as that moment!

Thien Duong Cave – Quang Binh – Viet Nam


Thien Duong Cave in the heart of a miracle natural World Heritage National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Located at an altitude of 360m from sea level in Quang Binh province, Viet Nam. It was formed about 350 – 400 years ago. it is decribled with a length of up to 31.4 km, the height is 60 meters, width ranges from 30m to 100m, where up to 150m. According to police, this expedition is the longest dry cave in Asia

Don’t forget it if you come to VietNam!

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Main Thauk Village – Myanmar

This village locates in Inle lake, Myanmar

A half of village is on the land, another half is on the water.

They are connected together by the wooden bridge.

I came here in the morning and the color is marvellous. I had no regret to spend all day to cycle and visit around this small village. I hired a canoe to go around village  for one hour to get a lot of views for photography.  I was really enjoy it!


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This picture was taken in Taungthaman lake – Manday – Myanmar in the morning.
After sunrise, I was intersting in activities on the lake, people begins new day by fishing on canoe. Sitting on the bridge look the normal life in the lens, It is dificult to tell you my feeling. Go and see!